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MTBR/MTTF Report ‚Äč

The filter section of the report allows one to supply the critera needed for the report to run.

  • Report Duration: Allows selection of the duration of the report with some predefined shortcuts
  • From/To: The actual date/time values used when the report is run
  • Assets: The asset tree allows the selection of the assets expected to have data in the report results


Displays a card for each asset detailing the MBTF/MTTR data for that asset. The data is displayed in 3 rows showing the MTBF/MTTR for faults in the first row, the MTBF/MTTR for interventions in the second row, and the sum total for both in the third row.


  • Type: Whether Faults, Interventions or a Total of both are displayed
  • Total Productive Time in minutes
  • Number of Occurrences of the Fault or Intervention
  • Downtime Duration in minutes
  • Station MTBF
  • Station MTTR
  • Total Availability as a percentage